What To Do Next…

Attend S.L.A.A. Meetings. Get a copy of a meeting list for local S.L.A.A. groups. Join online meetings. Attend at least six meetings before determining whether you wish to be a member.

Listen. Listen for what you have in common, not for what is different. Sit back, relax and keep an open mind.

Talk After Meetings. Speak to at least one person after the meeting. Feel free to ask questions. The members are there to help you. If the meeting is followed by a social activity such as going out for coffee, join the group. Use the opportunity to ask questions about the program and to get better acquainted with some of the members.

Call a Member. If the meeting distributes a phone list, take a copy. If not, ask several members for their numbers. Call at least one person on the list to discuss S.L.A.A. during the next week.

Read, Listen, Discuss. Read S.L.A.A. literature and/or listen to S.L.A.A. tapes and CDs. Discuss what you have learned with S.L.A.A. members.

Visit Websites. Visit the S.L.A.A. international website, www.slaafws.org. Learn about publications, long distance sponsors and online S.L.A.A. meetings. Also check out S.L.A.A. phone meetings.

Contact our Main Office. S.L.A.A.’s main office is known as Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc. The F.W.S. staff can answer your questions and help you obtain S.L.A.A. materials:
• Our Basic Text, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
• The Journal, our bimonthly meeting in print
• The First Ten Years of The Journal, recovery stories by members, in three volumes
• Audio tapes and CDs
• S.L.A.A. pamphlets and other literature