Tampa Bay Intergroup is accepting one-time and monthly recurring 7th Tradition contributions from individuals and meeting groups through PayPal.

No S.L.A.A. affiliation to these
payment services is implied.

Why the Tampa Bay Intergroup needs 7th Tradition contributions and volunteer support

Our 7th Tradition states that “every S.L.A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” This includes your Tampa Bay Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (S.L.A.A.) Intergroup.

Your continuous financial support allows Intergroup to support the West Central Florida S.L.A.A. community in many ways, including:

  • Maintaining ample supplies of literature and chips
  • Providing Zoom for online meetings
  • Maintaining this website for members and newcomers
  • Providing telephone and email Helplines
  • Supporting meetings in West Central Florida through the meeting list and Helpline referrals
  • Sponsoring picnics, eating meetings, the annual gratitude dinner, and other events
  • Sending representations to the Fellowship’s Annual Business Meeting
  • Maintain ongoing communication with Fellowship-Wide Services

Without continued support, some, if not all of the services to our local S.L.A.A. community would not be sustainable.

How local groups and individuals are providing financial support

A number of our local meeting groups provide ongoing contributions to Intergroup. These contributions are typically made monthly or quarterly via PayPal or a check or money order sent by mail.

How much do these groups typically give? This is decided by group conscience. A common practice is for a group to allocate a percentage of the monthly basket contributions for contributions to both Intergroup and Fellowship-Wide Services after rent, literature, coffee, and other expenses have been paid. The suggested guideline is to send  60% of this allocated amount to Intergroup and 40% to Fellowship-Wide Services.

Individual members also provide support to your Intergroup. These contributions, made via PayPal, are both one-time contributions and ongoing monthly support. This individual support has been vital now that Intergroup is supporting a number of virtual meetings.

In what ways are members providing volunteer support?

Because this is your Intergroup, it is made up people just like you. These dedicated volunteers provide the services noted above and meet together each month. The primary focus of these meetings is the welfare of S.L.A.A. participants and the accessibility of S.L.A.A. to those who suffer from our insidious disease. All business revolves around these goals.

The trusted servants who have been elected to serve as part of the Tampa Bay Intergroup are a priceless asset to our S.L.A.A. community and to each member. We thank them for their service.

Thank you!

Your continued contributions keep our local S.L.A.A. going. On behalf of the entire Fellowship, thank you for your support!

How to send Intergroup your 7th Tradition contributions

Checks and money orders (no cash please) may be mailed to Intergroup. Be sure to indicate which group the contribution is from. Mail that to:

Tampa Bay Intergroup
PO Box 1841
Pinellas Park, FL  33781

Contributions may also be made via PayPal.