We of the Tampa Bay Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (S.L.A.A.) Intergroup are grateful for your visit to this website. Our hope is that this information will provide you with resources and contact details that you can share with your clients. 

We have found that the addict making an inquiry on their own to be a vital next step towards their recovery. If we try to do this for the addict, then it is likely that they aren’t ready to do what recovery requires of them.  

We suggest providing your clients with a link to this website. Additionally, we have both telephone and email helplines. We treat every message or email sent to us by your clients as confidential. You have our commitment that we will do what we can to help them on their recovery journey.

To make it easier for you to cut and paste this information into an email or text, here are those details:

Tampa Bay S.L.A.A. Contact Information
Website: tampabayslaa.org
Telephone Helpline: 727-896-SLAA  (727-896-7522)
Email Helpline: helpline@tampabayslaa.org

The members of the local S.L.A.A. community are grateful for the opportunity for recovery and the support of mental health professionals, such as yourself, in that process. It is our desire to be available to help other suffering sex and love addicts seeking a solution to this disease. We also welcome your professional inquiries should you wish to reach out.

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