The Tampa Bay Intergroup serves the individual S.L.A.A. groups in West Central Florida and provides an interface to the S.L.A.A. Fellowship-Wide Services located in San Antonio, Texas.

We support weekly S.L.A.A. in-person meetings at various locations in nine cities, provide Zoom access for online meetings, offer assistance to newcomers and members through email and telephone Helplines, publish a monthly newsletter, and sponsor a variety of gatherings throughout the year.

Through this website, we support the local S.L.A.A. community and make ourselves known to people needing help with sex and love addiction.

As trusted servants to the Fellowship, the Tampa Bay Intergroup cannot, and does not, speak for all of S.L.A.A.

Monthly Intergroup Meetings

Tampa Bay Intergroup meets monthly to discuss matters related to the aforementioned support provided to the community. These meetings are open to S.L.A.A. members.

When: The first Saturday of the month at 3:00PM

Where: Via Zoom

Login Link: Click here

Meeting ID: 868 049 597

Passcode: 121976