Your Gracious Support


We of the Tampa Bay Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (S.L.A.A.) Intergroup are in continuous need of your donations.  We wish to acknowledge the many local groups that contribute to our support.  As members of these groups, we realize that many struggle just to pay the basic costs of holding regular meetings and we are grateful for the contributions you continue to make.

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to send representatives to the Annual Business Meeting, hold S.L.A.A. sponsored picnics, an annual gratitude dinner and an annual Roundup. Without your support THESE EVENTS COULD NOT TAKE PLACE!

Remember, the intergroup is a valuable asset to each and every person in recovery. It is YOUR organization and it is there to help YOU in many ways. The intergroup is composed of dedicated volunteers who go to great lengths to assure that each meeting takes place regularly (once a month), and is held in a professional manner. The primary concern of the group is the welfare of S.L.A.A. participants and the accessibility of S.L.A.A. to those who suffer from our insidious disease. All other business revolves around these goals. The intergroup maintains the hotline, this website, telephone directory listings, special events and communication with the S.L.A.A. office in Boston. The intergroup organizes key events (like the roundup, gratitude dinner, retreats, and others) even when these events result in a LOSS of money.

YOUR donations make the intergroup and the help line and the special events possible. We who serve YOU on the intergroup are grateful for the contributions you have made so that we may continue to serve you and S.L.A.A. as a whole, but we have continuous expenses and need continuous donations!!

Some groups contribute a small amount each month to the intergroup on a regular basis. This is done either with a check in the mail or from the local group representatives who attend the intergroup meetings. The general rule of thumb is for your group’s treasurer to allocate a certain amount of your group’s monthly contributions for donation to both local and national representation of S.L.A.A.,  AFTER your rent, literature, coffee and other group’s expenses have been paid. The suggested guideline is to send  60% of this allocated amount to the local intergroup, and 40% to Fellowship Wide Services.

The seventh tradition states that S.L.A.A. is self-supporting at all levels.   We do not accept outside contributions, so that we cannot be influenced by any other entities.

Here is the address to send your donation (checks, money orders, do NOT send cash).  Please indicate which group the donation is from:

    Tampa Bay Intergroup
PO Box 1841
Pinellas Park, FL  33781

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